Bespoke Sized Buffer Tanks

At Mibec we supply a wide range of water storage and Buffer tank products, in this short article we look at our new bespoke tanks manufacturing service. Often used in district heating projects in conjunction with a renewable heat source, a buffer vessel retains thermal energy for later use and can supplement the heat source when demand is high or store heat when demand is less. Stored heat can be immediately accessed without the heat source needing to get up to temperature; this can be very useful for maintaining a constant output when the scheme is needing to supply multiple properties all year round. Buffer tanks also form a key component in chilled water systems, often being used to provide additional volume in closed water systems in buildings like computer data centres. Adding this extra water capacity can reduce cycling of compressor units, which in turn improves temperature control giving a more consistent cooling system operation. Just like with heating systems, a buffer tank can also smooth out the loads and demands over the day from the building operations. This makes the cooling system more robust and reliable giving it greater longevity and reducing maintenance requirements.

We offer a wide range of buffer tanks for use in various heating and cooling applications from leading European manufacturers with many products held in stock in the UK, for immediate despatch. If an ‘off the shelf’ buffer tank solution doesn’t meet your exact project requirements then we also now offer a cost effective bespoke manufacturing service for our customers. We will work with you to define your exact project requirements and provide you with a no obligation quote. When the specification for the project has been agreed our team will produce a technical drawing of the tank design for client sign-off. Once the order is placed lead-time for delivery is only around 2-4 weeks – simple.

Tanks and vessels of up to 200,000 litres are perfectly possible with our bespoke design service (although 100,000 litres is often the practical limit for ease of transportation to site). Tanks of this sort of size would be ideal for applications including larger biomass projects, district heating, CHP (Combined Heat & Power) systems and chilled water systems in data centres. At the other end of the size spectrum it is even possible to manufacture small bespoke tanks from only 100 litre capacity if the customer is unable to find a standard product to meet their exact requirements. Tanks at around 10,000 litre capacity are probably most common and these tend to be used in conjunction with heat sources at around 1 mega watt output as typically seen in today’s commercial RHI projects.

Mibec bespoke buffer tanks are precision built using only the highest quality materials. They are typically manufactured from mild steel (usually 5mm thickness / SJ275R grade for the main body and 6mm for the dish ends) and rated to 3 bar (6 bar if required). The tanks are finished with a rigid foam insulation jacket to minimise heat losses (initial thermal K factor 0.023 W/m K. Initial U-value 0.22 W/m2 K) and a metal outer skin for increased durability during installation and when in service. All bespoke tanks are individually tested to the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) before leaving the factory.

The tank specifications are fully customisable to meet the exact project requirements, for example baffles and coils can be added for linking to existing systems and heat loads. Flow and return connections can also be selected to meet the exact customer requirements with different sizes available with for example Female BSP threads or equivalent with flange connections.

We offer a full free of charge specification service covering the whole of the UK, designed to support architects, specifiers or contractors. We can give you knowledgeable, yet impartial advice on selecting the right buffer tank or chilled water vessel to meet your heating or cooling needs. Please feel free to email or call our support department on 01948 661639 where one of our trained advisers will be happy to help you.