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What sort of building projects are most suitable for shared heating?

Any shared heating scheme is centred around the concept of a site utilising one large heat source running very efficiently, rather than each building or property having separate smaller ones running less efficiently – the idea being to reduce overall CO2emissions, increase efficiency and save on running costs. When we think about shared heating schemes there are two types of application that spring to mind; firstly district heating where you have several buildings connected to a single heat source via underground pipes; and the second one being centralised plants within a single building supplying multiple properties within. This short article
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Which Mibec pre-insulated pipes are best for Commercial RHI projects?

The RHI or Renewable Heat Incentive, is a government backed scheme designed to encourage the use of renewable technologies, in both the Domestic and Non-Domestic Sector. The RHI will provide finance in the form of a tariff scheme, which will be paid, usually to the owner, for up to 20 years in Non-Domestic and 7 years in domestic. Underground pre-insulated pipes are used to connect the renewable heat source to one or more buildings on the site. The pre-insulated pipes are designed to maintain the water temperature when in transit (avoiding heat losses to improve energy efficiency). At Mibec we
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