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Is your pre-insulated pipe suitable for RHI use?

Is your pre-insulated pipe suitable for RHI use? A question we are often asked here at Mibec.  The simple answer is ‘Yes’, all pre-insulated district heating pipe supplied, or manufactured by Mibec is fully approved for use in RHI projects. RHI requirements are that all pre-insulated pipe should be considered ‘properly insulated’ to enable certain rules to be met, and for a reduction in the use of heat meter solutions. Both Mibec DHP pipe, and the REHAU RAUVITHERM and RAUTHERMEX pipe ranges comply with the requirements of EN 15632, a standard agreed by OFGEM that enables use of plastic insulated
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Rehau 75mm Duo Pipe Launched

Now available from Mibec, the leading UK independent supplier and stockist of Rehau Rauvitherm, and Rauthermex district heating pipe, comes the RTX 75mm Duo pipe range. Ideally suited to larger biomass and AD / Biogas projects, as well as larger district heating, and heat network schemes.  It offers the ability to transfer higher heat loads in excess of 200kW, with the need for only one pre-insulated pipe.  Encased in the low heat loss PU foam insulation, both a PEX-a flow and return pipe, offer reduced frictional losses for exceptional performance. RAUTHERMEX pre-insulated PE-Xa pipe was designed for applications where low heat
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